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           Intrinsically Safe 4-20mA Power Input Nodes

 The Type 3 Intrinsically safe 4-20mA Power Supply and Measurement Module provides a galvanically isolated intrinsically safe power supply and loop current measurement capability. Designed and manufactured in Australia, the Holville range of 4-20mA power supply and measurement module is tested to meet the requirements of AS2380.7 and carry NSW MDA and ANZEx certification. The units are designed to be operated in Group 1 Zone 0 environments.



  • 12-bit measurement resolution    
  • 2-wire, 3-wire and 4-wire connection options.
  • Supply voltage and current selectable to suit the intrinsic safety entity parameters of the sensor being powered and monitored.
  • Logged data can be made available as:
    • Safe area RS-232 data packets.
    • Safe area USB data able to be read via a com port driver in a PC.
    • Hazardous area Intrinsically Safe CAN data packets.
    • Hazardous area, remote 4-20mA output module which mirrors the loop current from the sensor.
  • Data logging may be single polled events or automatic logging with user selectable rates


The 4-20mA Module can be used to power and monitor any suitable intrinsically safe sensor such as the Ampcontrol and Trolex gas sensors. 


Operating Instructions

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Type 3 Input/Output Node MDA Type 3 Input/Output Node MDA (2147 KB)

Type 3 Input/Output Node ANZEx Certificate Type 3 Input/Output Node ANZEx Certificate (6671 KB)