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Intrinsically Safe Local Network Controller


The Local Network Controller (LNC) provides a galvanically isolated, intrinsically safe power supply and communication connection for powering and logging a network of low power sensor interface modules. The LNC acts as a network master and the sensor interface modules are the slaves.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, the Type 3 LNC is tested to meet the requirements of AS2380.7 and carry NSW MDA and ANZEx certification. The units are designed to be operated in Group 1 Zone 0 environments


  • Input side must be powered by an intrinsically safe PSU or UPS.
  • Input side intrinsically safe CAN network interface can be used in Group 1 Zone 0 environments.
  • CRC-16 error detection to ensure integrity of received data.
  • Isolated (sensor network) side has parameters allowing many kilometres of cable to be attached.
  • Sensor network can use any network topology (daisy-chain, ring, star) or any combination of topologies without requiring a termination module.
  • For periodic logging the LNC can shut down power to the isolated side to save power between logging cycles.
  • Supports the use of a heartbeat signal so the supervisory controller PC can locate faulty modules.


Type 3 intrinsically safe networks.