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mineTalk ™
Intrinsically Safe Network

The Holville Type 3 power supplies and input/output modules can be configured to form a flexible intrinsically safe data logging network suitable for mine wide distribution. Certified to the requirements of AS2380.7, the network  backbone has NSW MDA and ANZEx certification and all components are suitable for use in Group 1 Zone 0 environments. With the Safe Area Isolating Interface (SAII) the network can be extended into a safe area.  


  • Automatic monitoring and data collection
  • Real time data transmission to safe area PC
  • Must be powered by an intrinsically safe PSU or UPS
  • CRC-16 error detection to ensure transmission data integrity
  • Plug 'n Play for connection of new modules (no prior configuration required)
  • An extensible network with many thousands of possible monitoring points
  • Any network topology over long distances (kms)
  • User configurable monitoring rates
  • System heartbeat to identify and report non-operational modules
  • Data optionally saved to csv files or database tables
  • Fully encapsulated, fully sealed to minimum IP54
  • Galvanic isolation for enabling comms between separately powered networks
  • Enables intrinsically safe data logging systems containing many power supplies to be safely networked to a single safe area control station.
    (Each intrinsically safe power supply in the system is galvanically isolated from the others while allowing logged data and control commands to traverse these isolated systems. )
  • Can be configured to set up double or triple redundant data paths to a safe area.
  •  Logged data can be made available as:
    • Safe area RS-232 data packets.
    • Safe area USB data able to be read via a com port driver in a PC.
    • Hazardous area Intrinsically Safe CAN data packets.
    • Hazardous area, remote 4-20mA output module which mirrors the loop current from the sensor.


The system has been used to implement

  • roof monitoring systems
  • gas monitoring systems
  • gas flow rate monitoring      


The mineTalk™ Network is flexible and can be configured using the following components;


 Intrinsically Safe Area Isolating Interface                 Intrinsically Safe Isolating Comms Interface                 Intrinsically Safe Local Network Controller

                  Intrinsically Safe SAII                                  Intrinsically Safe Isolating Comms Interface                  Intrinsically Safe Local Network Controller
            (Safe Area Isolating Interface)


 Intrinsically Safe Sensor Power Logging Modules

        Intrinsically Safe Sensor Power & 
                Logging Modules





Type 8 Node Installation Wiring Diagram (4 wire) Type 8 Node Installation Wiring Diagram (4 wire) (113 KB)

mineTalk Panel Wiring Diagram mineTalk Panel Wiring Diagram (122 KB)

Installation and Configuration Instructions for mineTalk PC software Installation and Configuration Instructions for mineTalk PC software (626 KB)