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Intrinsically Safe Power Supplies

The Holville range of intrinsically safe power supplies has outputs specifically designed for use in Group 1 Zone 0 hazardous areas. The range of intrinsically safe power supplies includes Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), Compact Power Supplies (PSU) and DC/DC converters. Designed and manufactured in Australia, the Holville range of power supplies is tested to meet the requirements of AS2380.7. The units carry NSW MDA and ANZEx certification and have been used successfully in Australian coal mines for over 15 years.

The power supplies are available in either Ex (ia) or Ex me (ia) IP54 enclosures.

The DC/DC converter can be powered by a PSU and/or UPS to increase the available output power options.

Both the UPS and the DC/DC converter can be fitted with optional circuitry to power, monitor and log compatible devices and all outputs are galvanically isolated from power supply inputs. Optional intrinsically safe CAN communications can be fitted to allow networking of power supplies and data logging modules.


           Intrinsically Safe UPS     INtrinsically Safe PSU      Intrinsically Safe DC/DC Converter

                      Intrinsically Safe UPS                               Intrinsically Safe PSU                     Intrinsically Safe DC/DC Converter


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